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Okay, I realize I'm giving you all fives, but seriously, that's how I truly feel about this page. First off, I really love the techniqu...


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Matthew Anderson
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Stupid in a can. Ahem, pardon my Autism, I don't have much to say. If you want to know more, ask me in notes. I've lost most of my trust in this website.

By the way, I'm a conservative that very heavily dislikes people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I won't' attack people on their political opinions and will be as respectful as I can. But please don't give trouble because of my opinions and beliefs.

Lastly, please do not bother me over a certain drama from July and August 2016. Just leave me alone. I want nothing to do with it anymore and just want to move on with my life. I had to leave my last account due to threats and stalking and with all honesty, I just want to move on.

Despite everything said, I'm not a bad person. I'm a nice guy that truly cares about my friends. I'm into transportation history and right now, I'm trying to spread the word about old Route 80.

Happy Birthday to Matthew! by RMS-OLYMPIC
I still miss you old girl. Rest in peace. :heart:


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Skype: matthewandersonarizona1995
Discord: MatthewAndersonUS80#8152
Kik: matthewandersonus80

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There are many more good friends too. Sorry if I left you out!
Who are "they"?…

The Pennsylvania Railroad T1 Steam Locomotive Trust

The mission? To rebuild the fastest locomotive in the world and beat the speed record set by the LNER 4468 Gresley A4 class 4-6-2 Pacific "Mallard". The locomotive? A PRR T1 class 4-4-4-4 "Duplex" by the number of 5550.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Pennsylvania Railroad's T1 class were unfortunately the last steam locomotives ever built for the old Pennsy between 1942 and 1946 at the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia. It was slightly based off the earlier S1 6-4-4-6 steam locomotive, which had a "duplex" design. The idea with a duplex was that the normal large two cylinders would be replaced by four smaller cylinders each powering four driving wheels. The dual engine arrangement was similar to that of the articulated locomotives, but duplexes were single frame locomotives with two different sets of cylinders and drivers. It was believed the two sets of cylinders would help to make a the locomotive faster. To help, it used a special type of driving wheel known as a Boxpok, which was hollow steel and made running at high speeds close to 100 mph more efficient. Furthermore, the locomotives had rigid steel and aluminum structures which brilliantly eliminated unneeded excess weight. I believe that at least the rigid aluminum streamlining of the locomotive, designed by Raymond Loewy, may have been inspired by the Lockheed Constellation and Douglas DC-4 airliners. At the same time of the T1's conception, Loewy was hired by both Howard Hughes of TWA and Juan Tripp of Pan Am to design the interiors for their new Connies and DC-4s. This is even mentioned in the 2004 movie "The Aviator" starring Leo DeCaprio. Furthermore, the aluminum pieces being built for 5550 are aircraft grade aluminum. Back to the T1 itself, the wheel arrangement was similar to that of a 4-8-4 northern, having 8 drivers with four pilot wheels and four trailing wheels, the only difference being the two aforementioned separate sets of cylinders. The T1s were plagued with teething problems from the start, relating to the poppit valves, which prevented the T1s from exceeding 100 miles an hour most of the time due to the poppit's inability to remain operational after excessive wheel slip. Since trains didn't usually exceed 100 miles an hour, the T1 didn't have too much trouble running normal and high speed operations on the Pennsy network. Improvements and fixes were planned to allow the T1 to operate beyond 100 miles an hour, but before the engine could live up to its full potential, the diesel era came and replaced them all, stopping the project in its early stages. All the T1s were scrapped. Rumors and legends stating the T1s could possibly beat the LNER's Mallard arose, but remained unconfirmed thanks to the fact the T1s were never used to their full potential.

Enter the T1 trust, their goal is to build a 52nd T1 numbered 5550 at the old Altoona Works in Pennsylvania by 2030 and take the speed record from Mallard. This is the American version of the A1 Tornado project and is the first time a project of this size has ever been undertaken in the United States. So far, two driving wheels, the prow, headlamp, number plate and cab are either under construction or have already been built. The all volunteer non-profit organization has scanned all the blueprints from the Pennsy Archives and used them to build all the pieces into 3D models in AutoCAD Solidworks. Not only does this allow for a 100 percent 3D reconstruction of the locomotive, but the 3D models are being used to 3D print the molds for the pieces, cut aluminum and steel plates with water jets and make new blueprints that can be used to construct new parts. Hardly anyone knows about this great project and I'm trying to raise further awareness and interest in it, because I want to see this locomotive finished. Not only because its the rebirth of a lost locomotive and a challenger to Mallard, but because I believe that the completion of 5550 will lead to the rebirth of steam locomotive construction in the United States the same way Tornado's completion lead to the resurrection of steam locomotive building in Great Britain. I ask that everyone please follow the link below and support the 5550 project by spreading the word and raising awareness.…


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